Feminism And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Afterwards, Thai feminists was influenced by the idea of postmodernism that Feminism should not view just only one side because Thai women have different backgrounds, races, cultures, tradition, social status, and education. So, postmodern feminists deeply focused on the diversity and experiences of women. From Trouble Gender by Butler also said that an effect of culturally influenced acts is from the appearance of “being” a gender, then there exists no solid, universal gender: constituted through the practice of performance, the gender "woman" (like the gender "man") remains contingent and open to interpretation and “resignification.” (Butler, 1999). Therefore, it can be seen that feminism contains large and broad meanings; it does not mean only women can do the same thing as men do regardless of frontier. Also, it is not just a group of people fighting for its own interests. It is a movement that fighting for groups of people in the society, and it adapts itself to economic, social, and cultural condition.

In the present, although Thai women’s behaviors and thoughts are influenced by some of movements that derived from feminism, they do not want to name themselves as feminists. Thai people prefer to use the word “Women Studies” rather than feminism because the word “Feminism” sounds bias to them — it seems like a group of people fighting for its own rights and interests, and They want to maintain neutrality. Calling themselves as a person, who is interested in women…

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