Feminism And Ideals And Values Of The American Founding Essay examples

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Both as a member of the group that covered modern feminism and part of the audience from the other presentations, it was interesting to see how society has evolved throughout history, as well as a student learning about the material touched on in class. The feminist movement has been broken into different waves to reflect the issues being faced during their time and have continued to work towards each of their goals. Tackling certain problems in particular have proven to take longer than others with obstacles and opposition met along the way, but they have gotten a good start and show potential for further change. Equality is a prominent focus seen in both feminism movements and the ideals and values of the American founding. This can be seen from the very beginning of the first wave when the Seneca Falls Convention took place in New York.1 Just as the forefathers of the United States came together to write the Declaration of Independence, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, along with Lucretia Mott and others, drafted a version dedicated to women 's rights and created the Declaration of Sentiments.2 The supporters of the two documents were aware of the injustices affecting them and knew that they had to take action in order to bring change. This can be illustrated through the fight against unjust taxes, the right to vote, or property rights, just to name a few. Though each of the declarations were directed to different people for different forms of treatment, there is a…

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