The Importance Of The Seneca Falls Convention

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The movement for women's rights was one of the three most prominent movements in the history of the twentieth century. Among the events that have actually contributed to the development of the movement, much attention and high level of recognition is devoted to the Seneca Falls Convention that was held in 1848. At the modern time, this convention is referred to as the most prominent event in the history of women's rights movement designating the beginning of the worldwide campaign for the recognition of the equality of men's and women's rights. While the Seneca Falls Convention actually was the first public attempt to draw the attention of the publicity to the issue women's rights and to start a world campaign, it might be argued that this event was a starting point for the movement. Nevertheless, it was a crucial step towards achieving a more just and equal society. Respectively, even though not all goals of the women's rights movement have been achieved, the role of the Convention of 1848 in the establishment of the …show more content…
Even though it was disorganized, the reaction caused within the society was a large step towards the achievement of the women's rights. The role of the Seneca Falls Convention was mythologized to a large extent. Nevertheless, it contributed to the foundation of the powerful movement that managed to change the flow of history and to develop the situation in its modern form. Thus, the Seneca Falls Convention and the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments signed there were important steps on the way to achieving rights for women. Even though their impact might be doubtful, they, both directly and indirectly, influenced the development of the modern day society and the perception of women's rights within it. Respectively, they highly contributed to the modern state of affairs with respect to women's

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