Essay on Feminism : A Classic Tale Of Forbidden Love

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Wuthering Heights, an Emily Brontë novel, is a classic tale of forbidden love. Throughout the novel, Brontë discusses Feminism a Critical Theory used to find a deeper meaning in the story. Brontë does this by showing women oppression, showing how little they were not oppressed, and shows the oppression in the Romantic time period. The critical theory Feminism is by its dictionary definition, “questions the long-standing, dominant, male, phallocentric ideologies, patriarchal attitudes and male interpretations in literature.” (The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory, 315). This means, that Feminism is showing the male dominant roles in literature and how they play out in that particular society. Feminism in literature is found in the text seeing as the author uses his or her thoughts in the story, and it is interpreted by the reader. With this being said, the author’s background and time era must be understood by the reader so that the reader can see the Feminist theory. Readers also use their own background knowledge of their current society and interpret the text to be meaningful to them. This theory is relatively new, as its main tenants on the subject wrote many of their ideals in the 1980’s. Their names are Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar. These women co-wrote many pieces of work depicting their ideas on the subject. One quote from Sexual Linguistics: Gender, Language and Sexuality states: “Is her body a linguistic term in (male) language? Does her…

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