Femininity : Anne Bradstreet And Femininity Essay

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Anne Bradstreet and Femininity
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, femininity can be defined as “Behaviour or qualities regarded as characteristic of a woman; feminine quality or characteristics; womanliness.” (OED) In today’s society, the concept of femininity takes on many different roles and forms. You can find women in more traditional roles such as mothers and teachers to non- traditional roles such as lawyers, doctors and construction workers. The concept of femininity can be related to a person today regardless of a person’s physical sex. However, during the Puritan’s colonization in America, a woman’s characteristics were not as fluid as they are today. Anne Bradstreet broke many of glass ceilings for women. She was the first author published in the newly established Puritan society. Despite this, Bradstreet was held accountable by her Puritan values, thus creating an inner conflict throughout her writings between the Puritan patriarchy and her identity as a female. Therefore, Bradstreet’s background provides a different perspective on the term femininity by the direction it expresses itself in her poetry.
To understand Anne Bradstreet’s perspective on femininity as a writer, one must first understand her personal experiences. Anne Bradstreet wrote poetry privately to please her father, who encouraged her to pursue writing. When she was seventeen, she began preparations to travel to England to the new world with her husband Simon Bradstreet, a Cambridge…

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