Female Roles Of Women 's Image Essay

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The film is an art to be watched, which is not the lack of a variety of female image. But for thousands of years under the influence of male culture, women are the object because of the desire of men. The male culture has been as the center of the film system, however the location of women only for "being seen” and do not have independent spiritual personality.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is gradually improving in the 21st century. Film are basically describe male superiority, heroic beauty and other masculine virtue. Although there is no lack of virtuous, coquettish female role, but in most cases the role of women is just a foil for men. Until the rise of popular culture, women 's economic independence, women 's awareness of women gradually want to get rid of "being seen" role. Since then, the quality of women in the film has improved. Male directors began to pay more attention to women 's life status and psychological development. I will discussed about how women’s image improved in the modern life.

In today 's popular culture, there are still factors that impede the development of women. In today 's society, there are still unequal social status of men and women. Women lack of social status or their social status is low. This is based on the traditional culture: people think that women attached to men, the expectations of women are lower than men. Do not rule out the ability of women, but intuition that women are weak. Only women can show their works beyond the…

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