Female Artists Within The Islamic World Essay

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Music through out the world whether performed to an adoring public or in a public arena, all genres and modes, is primarily the bastion of the male performer. There is nowhere that this is more apparent than in regions where cultural, religious or societal values inherent within the population dictate that this is the standard practice.
One of the regions where music is heavily influence by normative cultural and religious practices is the role of female artists in the Islamic world; that is females who are singers, dancers, musicians maybe prominent but are constrained by the demands of society in how they perform, practice their craft or even whether there is any scholarly information or articles about them that are readily accessible to the wider public.
Although, the lack of information about female performers is limited, this does not mean that there are few or no female artists within the Islamic world. Information about these artists may be limited but everyday, female artists sing, dance, recite, write and paint as a form of expression. The subject of my paper highlights female artists, primarily singers, that perform to their musical styles and genres to highlight or advocate for social change in an area that is important to them.
These female artists are redefining not only the role of female performance within the Islamic world they are making and claiming space in a public domain. No longer relegated to singing for weddings or family events, they are…

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