Female Artists And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Female artists Young female artists have participated in graffiti from its earliest days, but have always been the minority. In graffiti art culture, woman face many obstacles not encountered by men. The late hours and desolate locations in which most writing is done can be particularly dangerous for women. As with many male-dominated fields, the social atmosphere can be extremely harsh. Female artists are subjected to harassment and often feel that they must do more to prove themselves in the graffiti culture.

Fills Graffiti that has a solid fill, usually in one color with no outline. A fill is also the interior base color of a piece.

Form Some consider large-scale pieces the pinnacle of all graffiti forms. With these forms, artists seek recognition and respect by competing over the quantity, size, location and visibility of their piece. Even though the tag and throw-up are important forms of graffiti, it is colorful large-scale pieces that define the art form.

Geography of graffiti Graffiti is typically placed on public property, or private property adjacent to public spaces. Graffiti locations are often characterized by the absence of anyone with direct responsibility for the area. Locations that are particularly vulnerable to graffiti include: easy to reach targets, such as signs; hard-to-reach locations, such as freeway overpasses; highly visible locations, such as building walls; mobile targets, such as trains or buses, which generate wide exposure for…

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