Federalism Is An Idea Of Government Powers Essay

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If the word “federalism” was to be broken down, then the term itself must has something to deal with the federal government, or the US government as a whole. However, this terminology has a whole opposite concept of the word itself, literally. Federalism is an idea of government powers that are divided by the national government and the states’ governments. National government is the one that is in charge of mailing and sending troops to wars,while states governments are the ones handing the licensing of occupations or licenses like driver licenses. With all this being said, federalism varies depending on which time era you are in. Back in 1788 to 1937, the United States lived under the concept of dual federalism. In a dual federalism, also known as a layer cake, the government powers are strictly divided, not separated, between the national and the states governments. The national governments have powers to control currency like making a silver coin in Alabama equal to a silver coin in Georgia, along with owning public lands and regulate patents. Regulating patents are needed to be national for them to offer protection for inventors in all the states. The state government too have powers. Their powers are that they are in charge of property, inheritance, commercial, banking, corporate, insurance, family, and criminal laws. Along with those powers, state governments also have powers over morality, public health, land use, elections, local government, and licensing any…

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