Federal Funding For Housing And Homelessness Essay

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Annotated Bibliography


1. Municipal Affairs and Housing (2012). Ontario Federal Funding for housing and homelessness. Queens Printer for Ontario. Retrieved from, https://www.ontario.ca/data/federal-funding-housing-and-homelessness

This dataset does not come with reports or methodological guides, and communicating with both agencies has so far been proven difficult. However, the page specifies some information for data capturing. The data itself captures federal funding for housing and homelessness, throughout the years of 2000, and projected plan until 2032 for a variety of categories. The data does show varies topics of funding plans such as affordable housing initiative, residential rehabilitation assistance program, and homelessness partnering strategy. However, these topics show the plans numbers throughout some years, and omit it in other years, leaving the question of whether or not the data is compete. That question is impossible to answer without a guide to tell you how the data was captured. There are other categories showing on the sheet that has numbers in some years and nothing in other years.
In addition, the only information about the dataset is that it was last modified on August 25th, 2015. Additionally, it specifies that the time period so far completed is 2000-04-01 to 2014-03-31, and the data is updated yearly, from a geographical coverage of just Ontario. This dataset does provide funding throughout the years in Ontario, this data matched…

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