Essay about Fearful Sleeping And Waking Disorder

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I choose the topic of fearful sleeping and waking because one of my best friends is the victim of this when she was very young. I still remember that day when we used to sleep together, she screamed very loudly and walking around the room along while sleep. Once she wakes up with very violent and frightened dream then she couldn’t able to sleep as normal like before, So during that period, her parents usually used to make her feel slept by telling the story of the angel. However, her parents were unsuccessful to find out the right treatment for her due to the lack of physoclists and hospital. On the other hand, her parents do the medicine by our own cultural way because they believe in jumping doctor (dhami jhakri). Luckily, as she grew up, she gradually stops seeing an aggressive and scared dream which make her very difficult to sleep.
During that period, her family were much unknown with fearful sleeping and waking disorder because of the low level of education. The only thing they believe is in the jumping doctor. However, since I start attending this class than I got a chance to learn very important things about sleep disorder. The facts that I learned in the class allowed me to acquire the information to answer the question like why she have fearful sleeping and waking in the middle of the night. The knowledge that I learned in class is very helpful to those who have slept disorders. I have learned that very healthy and successive hours of sleep run into every ninety…

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