Fearful Sleeping And Waking Essay

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I choose the topic of fearful sleeping and waking because one of my best friends is the victim of this when she was very young. I still remember that day when we used to sleep together, she screamed very loudly and walking around the room along while sleep. Once she wakes up with very violent and frightened dream then she couldn’t able to sleep as normal like before, So during that period, her parents usually used to make her feel slept by telling the story of the angel. However, her parents were unsuccessful to find out the right treatment for her due to the lack of physoclists and hospital. On the other hand, her parents do the medicine by our own cultural way because they believe in jumping doctor (dhami jhakri). Luckily, as she grew up, …show more content…
The only thing they believe is in the jumping doctor. However, since I start attending this class than I got a chance to learn very important things about sleep disorder. The facts that I learned in the class allowed me to acquire the information to answer the question like why she have fearful sleeping and waking in the middle of the night. The knowledge that I learned in class is very helpful to those who have slept disorders. I have learned that very healthy and successive hours of sleep run into every ninety minutes of cycles. However, there is five type of sleep cycles and it broken down into the stages: Alpha, Non-REM 1, Non-REM 2, Non-REM 3, and REM. REM sleep also divides into two part and they are paradoxical which means our body look like the physical wake but we are in deep sleep and another one is REM rebound which means position where we dream. People those who have night terrors, nightmares, and sleepwalking they didn’t able to remember the events that occur in the particular night because during the moment of Non-REM 3 stage people are in very deepest and delta wave …show more content…
This young man who was suffering from parasomnias behaviors has become more affected while he was sleep. Parasomnias behaviors are also the one of the categories of the sleep disorders which includes abnormal movement, emotions, perceptions, and aggressive or violent dreams that occur while falling asleep. However, these parasomnias often occur between sleep stages or during arousal from of sleep. In many cases, Non-REM parasomnias comparatively happen among children and young adult. In the other hand, REM sleep behavior disorder often occurs in older adult and it especially common target in males above the fifty years of age. The person those who have REM sleep behavior disorder had more chance of increase the risk of developing the disease which may remain latent as well as chance to had Parkinson’s disease. These parasomnias disorder usually appear from the second stage of sleep, which mean Non-REM 2 or sleep spindles. Therefore most normally take a place during the first third of the night when Non-REM 2 activity is most important. People those who dream during the movement of Non-REM parasomnias than they do not often remember the particular events because they are in very deep

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