Fear On A Romantic Relationship Essay examples

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Fear in Love

Fear in a romantic relationship, no matter the level of commitment, is complicated because it can be an underlying constant emotion felt in a relationship. For example one can experience an intense adrenaline of fear when they are climbing up a mountain without ropes, but when they complete climbing, that fear previous felt dissipates. On the other hand in romantic relationships, there is not a defining moment of fear, like in rock climbing, instead someone may fear different aspects of their relationships such as trust and being vulnerable. The way characters in fiction respond to fear in intimate relationships can teach readers how to respond to fear in real world relationships.
Firstly, there is always the fear that one’s significant other is being unfaithful. This could mean that they are being intimate with another person or simply not fully committing themselves to the relationship they are currently in. It is possible a couple will break up after finding out that someone has been unfaithful. Another common response to this fear is to avoid confrontation which could potentially lead to an even worse situation. For example, in A Case of Identity, Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes are discussing a crude and very familiar newspaper headline about “a husband 's cruelty to his wife”. Watson responds to his familiarity with the article by saying that “there is of course, the other woman, the drink, the push, the blow, the bruise, the sympathetic sister or…

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