Love, Fear, And Political Leaders Of The Renaissance, By Niccolo Machiavelli

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The question of whether it is better that you feared or loved is very interesting and many people have their own opinions on this matter. One of the people who analyzed this question was Niccolo Machiavelli – one of the most famous Italian thinkers and political leaders of the Renaissance period. When the Medici family gained power in Florence, during the Italian Renaissance, Machiavelli, who was back then a civil servant in the Florentine Republic - was accused of conspiracy and imprisoned. To win favor with Lorenzo de Medici, he wrote a book called The Prince, which contained a list of advices about how to create and hold onto a principality and the book, in fact, revealed a new understanding of politics. Before Machiavelli, politics was inseparable from the ethics and morality. Machiavelli …show more content…
When the emperor will stop giving people wish - they will not only love but also hate the governor for his every mistake. At the same time, the power based on fear only too bad because the governor keeps constantly in fear of the people, then people will suppress their emotions and they can escalate into hatred and rebellion against the ruler. (Dillema) Therefore, fear and love are very similar because between these feelings and hatred of a very fine line. But if you choose the other argument in favor of the fear it is that love can also easily cause hatred as it can take a step but the fear remains, and it is what will keep the desired. So the fear of more easy and effective way to retain power. A good ruler - is the one who inspires fear through love and use fear as a means of ensuring the well-being of its

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