Essay about Fear Of Destruction Caused By The Cold War

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Herman Kahn a preeminent futurist once remarked “Nuclear war is such an emotional subject that many people see the weapons themselves as the common enemy of humanity.” Through this quote Kahn portrays an underlying theme of fear of destruction caused by The Cold War. The Cold War was a multi-decade long conflict between the U.S and USSR. To show their superiority both sides showed power through a nuclear arms race. Humanity evoked a tense attitude because of the probability of a nuclear war was possible which increased society’s anxiety. The war was a clash of different ideologies with each side vying for dominance of their beliefs. The ideologies that struggled for power during this stiff time period was capitalism and communism. Both these forces grappled for control which resulted in an extreme amount of art inspired by certain events from this conflict. One particular instance that the war brought such stirring art pieces is from the Cuban Missile Crisis. This event increased the apprehension of full-out nuclear war which would leave the world in ruins. Even video game designers were influenced by Cold War fears and anxieties which is best illustrated in Fallout 4 's crumbling landscapes and lone survivor character. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a crucial event that became well known as the closest moment to nuclear armageddon the world has ever faced. This life changing moment was a 13 long day conflict between The United States and Soviet Union. This near world…

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