Fate and Free Will in Dr Faustus Essay

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Shelby Hall
ENG 221.02
Fate and Free Will in Dr. Faustus Since the fall of man it has been made very evident that human nature flees from admitting that it has done anything wrong. Being accountable for our own actions is a great idea in theory but goes against the very hardware of our DNA. In the garden, Adam and Eve fled and tried to hide and cast the responsibility for their disobedience onto each other and the serpent and throughout the ages this flaw in us has subtly infiltrated itself into the very essence of what it means to be human. Deep down in our gut we know that doing this is wrong and while this revelation may never bubble up and over into our consciousness, it is always there, simmering in the
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Instead of taking accountability for his continued behavior, he tricks himself into believing there is no salvation available. In the final scene before he is taken to Hell, “It is not the prospect of death that terrifies him- it is the knowledge that he cannot escape the consequences of his original choice, the choice he repeated again and again throughout his career, the choice of the not-God” (Cole 229). Furthermore, in scene one of the

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