Fat And Happy By Hillel Schwartz Essay examples

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“Fat and Happy?” Critique Hillel Schwartz, in his article “Fat and Happy?,” proclaims society’s warped interpretation of beauty and its obsession with being thin are the reasons that being fat is no longer acceptable. Schwartz argues fat people become sorrowful about weight due to society’s cruel judgement. Also, he implies weight plays a factor in job selection. As a result, he insists fat people are seen as lazy and unsuccessful. Then, Schwartz criticizes society as a whole by creating a different, better society (179-186). In the article, Schwartz’s inclusion of a “Fat Utopia” provides a compelling argument toward society’s fat stigma being established to a point of permanency (183). Eating has become something that citizens force themselves do. Within the utopia section Schwartz contends “Feeding would be calm and loving…” (183). In an alternate universe being fat would not be seen as such a terrible thing. In a fat society eating would not be a hassle, it would be enjoyable. The fear of becoming fat leads to stress about eating. Individuals go on extreme diets and barely eat because of the fear embedded in them. This fear within society is not something that can be helped. Most people do not get over their fears and this is why the new society helps to realize that the community’s views are now indefinite. People need to eat to survive so it should be pleasant rather than anxiety inducing. The world is so deeply rooted with thinness that fat people will never truly…

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