Fast Foods Vs. Fast Food Essay

1033 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
For a long time it is a matter of debate if fast foods have more advantages or disadvantages. Some people justify themselves by saying that fast food is cheap to buy, fast to get, and some people are just too lazy to cook meals On the other hand, some people argue that, the people who are consuming fast food every day, they don’t know how much it is harming them and how much cost they are paying for it in the form of their health. Fast food companies are appealing us in many different ways, but, we should avoid eating fast food because they contain too many calories which causes obesity and eventually death.
First of all, sodas contain too many calories and they are already big enough to harm our health, but these size aren’t enough for sodas companies. Sodas companies are pushing boundaries of size of their dinks. As we know Sodas are a big part of life, we drink sodas with almost all meals we eat every day. Sodas are as harmful to us as any other fast food. As Mark Bittman says, “We eat, on average, 22 teaspoons of sugar that are added daily to food or drink (this includes high-fructose corn syrup, about the same thing); those are worth something like 350 calories. All other things being equal (most of us would have to run more than three miles to burn that off), you’d gain a pound every 10 days at that rate, or more than 35 pounds in a year. And all other things are not equal: there’s plenty of evidence that sugar calories are worse for you than calories from other…

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