Fast Food Essay: Who We Blame For Obesity

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Society today is constantly struggling with blaming certain things for their problems. The newest topic up for discussion is who we blame for the rising issue of obesity. Fast food franchises are being blamed for obesity. Obesity is being blamed on the fast food franchises. We need people to take control of their lives. Consumers need to take responsibility for what they decide to put into their bodies.
In the article, Don’t Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko states that many Americans do not want to take personal responsibility for being fat, besides people taking their own responsibility for being fat, they are blaming the fast food franchises and suing them. As David states about his life and many other people’s life’s “Lunch and dinner for
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You can go to a super market and buy food that will make twice as many meals than just a burger and fries for half the price but people will always pick quicker and easier. With that being said, advertising has a strong effect on the decisions consumers make.
All fast food restaurants must provide a calorie information chart for their foods now for the people to see. Todd G. Buchholz wrote an article arguing whether or not fast food chains are to blame and I think he described the whole situation perfectly. Buchholz stance on who to blame is, “Depending on what you pile on it, a fast food burger may not enhance your health, and it may even hinder your ability to run a marathon—but it is very easy to find out how fatty that burger is” (2006). With nutrition information out to the public in their fingertips then it should be easy for people to see the enormous amounts of sodium and fat intake that they are putting in there body. Hopefully it would change their minds about eating those foods all the time. The sad fact is, it has not changed people’s outlook on fast food. Nowadays people do not care about the amount of fat or calories are in their Big Mac, all they care about is the idea that it was

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