Essay on Farewell, Love By Sir Thomas Wyatt

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Farewell, Love by Sir Thomas Wyatt is considered one of his most famous sonnets. Wyatt (1503-1542), is known for introducing the sonnet in English by translating Francesco Petrarch’s sonnets and writing his own. Wyatt lived an interesting life, which included an affair with King Henry VIII mistress Anne Boleyn. Many believe that his brief affair with Boleyn is the inspiration behind many of Wyatt’s sonnet, such as this one, Farewell, Love. Farewell, Love is a sonnet with a main theme of Love, specifically the course/trial it takes the narrator on. The sonnet tells the story of the narrator and his parting from his previous love. The narrator decides to study philosophy (philosophers like Seneca and Plato) and discovers the intellect he had been missing out on. The narrator feels as though this love of his made him morally blind and make poor decisions (“In blind error when I did persever” Line 5). The poem ends with the narrator talking about how this love he felt no longer controls him and tells the reader how love can hinder one’s ability to reach their goals. The literary elements Wyatt uses throughout the sonnet are crucial for interpreting the text and understanding exactly what it is trying to convey. Lucky for the reader, Wyatt does a great job providing coherent examples of literary elements such as Personification, Metaphor and Allusion. Wyatt starts his piece (the 1st line) off by using personification with the word “love”. Personification is “a figure of speech…

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