Family Vs Gault Family Essay

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Hirahara Family vs Gault Family “The Chirashi Covenant” and “The Kerman Kill” are two stories that have a lot of family influence as you read along. Both of them have influence in their principal characters by their families. “The Chirashi Covenant”, a story about a Japanese-American family, and how the main character, Helen, is rebelling herself against her family members (her husband, daughter and mother-in-law). The beautiful wife of a really important man in their Japanese business world that doesn’t seem to be so happy being married with him. She thinks that she finds love in other man, but at the end she finishes regretting it. On the other hand, in “The Kerman Kill” a story about an Armenian-American family, a more attached and supportive family, have influence in its main character, Pierre, by taking his decision at the climax of the story. A young private investigator, graduated from UCLA and working at his office in the top of the store of his uncle in Beverly Hills. His first case as an investigator, a weird case about a missing girl and a stolen rug that at the end doesn’t seem to be really successful for him. In these two stories I found several differences and similarities between them about the familiar aspect. The members from both of the stories were in need by each other. Both of these stories were about two attached families who their members were kind of dependent from another. In Naomi’s story the mother of Frank could not live without her family. If…

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