Examples Of Determination And Motivation In Villawood Mums

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“Determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries”

Determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries because to cross a boundary one has to have their heart set on something and the urge to achieve their goal or dream. “Born to Run’, an autobiography on Cathy Freeman and a documentary, “VillaWood Mums” show examples of how determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries. The people involved have experienced perseverance and struggle which afterwards comes success and courage. For Cathy Freeman set her mind to achieve her long term goal, and how she finally did with the help of her family and closest friends while overcoming adversity. In ‘VillaWood Mums’, the themes of struggle is highlighted, as two
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The comparison between the two texts are similar because they both experience motivation and determination in their own way. Both texts were struggling at first but came to a place in their life where something motivated them to have faith and to stay strong until they eventually found what they were looking for. Cathy’s life was difficult in some ways and easy in the other she first was dealing with her parents divorce and then a new step-dad. The VillaWood mums both experienced hardship when they were in their own countries trying to survive, Zahoor was still struggling as she came to Australia until the day she got her permanent visa. Cathy was motivated by her sister Anne-Marie’s death “As I stood by the grave with my family i suddenly knew what i had to do. I had to run for Anne-Marie. I promised myself form that day onwards every race i ran would be for her” This is also evident in the text “VillaWood mums” as the Arabic mum Zahoor, was overjoyed from the news she received one morning “One day about 7 am the security came and knocked on the door. So i opened the door she told me that i was issued with a permanent visa”. she described her emotions with “i felt like i was flying in the sky”. The chilean mother was welcomed format eh start and was happy wight he way everyone in the migration was treating her. “When we walked around with the prame, everyone would greet us,they cared for us a lot. Maria expressed her feelings by saying “they were very nice to us and treated us well”. In the end both texts went through major life changing events to be where they are today. Cathy a Sydney olympic champion and chilean mum Maria works as care taker at Mt Annan Market place. Zahoor has chosen to stay home and is studying English and Computer Literacy

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