Family Therapists Are Working With Families Essay

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Hello Rosabla,

1.) Family therapists tend to be active, directive, oriented toward the solution of problems, and open to using techniques borrowed from various approaches. How would this fit for your therapeutic style if you were working with families? I agree that not one theory alone can help a client because each client is very unique. As we are as counselors no one counselor is the same and I like to use more than one theory/approach when working with each client. As you mentioned, everyone is different and using the theory or theories that best fit your clients’ needs is in the best interest of the client and can be beneficial. If you know the reasons why these theories work best for certain issues I believe it is okay to use many. The fact that family therapists use techniques from various approaches is something I really like too. I believe that family therapists really know how to work with all individuals to better the whole group. I am also really interested in genograms and would like to create my own one day. At my job at the practice they have a cool program/software on one of the computers to create the genograms, which I think is really cool to use to visually see what patterns are occurring within the family. As you stated, there are many types of families, so it is important to be mindful and respectful of these differences. Along with being able to implement different techniques that work for each unique family. 2.) Personal Reflection: In what…

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