Family Systems Theory : Family System Theory Essay

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The family in the prompt is going through a lot of hard times, if a theorist was too look deeper into their situation they would find a lot of different ideas to help assist their circumstances better. I found that Family Systems Theory was a good theory to relate to this family, ideas such as the whole greater than the sum, locus of pathology, and all family members take on roles. These ideas help further explain how families, like the one in the prompt, function when they maybe dysfunctional. A basic assumption had with Family Systems Theory is that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”(Smith, 146) the idea that a family cannot function without its individual. Each member in a system (or family) has a role they must play in order to keep the family balanced. In the family presented leads a perfect life from the outside, but the moment an individual fell short of their role the family began to hinder in more ways than one. When the oldest daughter turned to bulimia to cope with her frustration and confusion it caused a ripple affect. This began to hinder not only her, but also the other members of the family who couldn’t pick up her role in the family system. Structure is key to maintain balance within a family if one this is changed the equilibrium of the family is offset, which can lead to a dysfunctional family. In the textbook, it defines equilibrium as; “a tendency for any system to seek a balance between stability and change”(Smith, 154) finding…

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