Essay about Family Systems And The Family

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The traditional family consisted of a household of a mother, father, and siblings. However, according to Zastrow & Kirt-Ashman (2013), today that has changed, many families also consist of single-parent families in which one parent lives with the children, stepfamilies in which the children from a prior relationship lives with one or both parents, and blended families which is a group of individuals whom are living and functioning together as a group and these families are in committed relationships, obligated to each other, and live together (p.167-168). Family systems make changes and confront new challenges throughout their life span. The family life cycle consist of seven phases of life that families go through as a family unit. Emerging young adults, joining of families, families with young children, families with adolescents, launching children and midlife, late middle age, and near end of life are the phases in which a family goes through during their life span (Zastrow & Kirt-Ashman, 2013, p.177-178). During the first phase, young adults separate themselves from their family and begin to gain their independence, take on their financial responsibly and develop intimate peer relationships. However, outside systems can affect the development of young adults. For instance, the day to day gang violence within a community can cause youth adults living in this community harm or can pressure them into joining the gang themselves for protection. In the second phase, joining…

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