Family System And Healthy Development Essay

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Introduction A family system can be described as a social or biological make up of people related by a blood or interdependent relationships. A family can be a mother, father and children or a brother, uncles, aunts and extended relatives. In this essay, we will take a further look at the relationship between a family system and healthy development and unhealthy consequences of a family system as it relates to development. The determining factors that can help shape a healthy family system will be discussed. How can one discern a healthy family system, and what are the affects of physical, social, spiritual, and emotional development on a healthy family system will be explored.

Relationship between Family System and Healthy Development The relationship between a family system and healthy development is when a child is born into a loving, caring and trusting family, the child will begin a healthy development from birth to adulthood. The family system is based off family values, morals and meanings of what a family is and ought to be. A healthy development in a child’s environment can have positive outcomes and engaged parents who let their child make decisions upon their own life. For example, a nuclear family system is members of a family who includes parents and their children who often have values and responsibility in a household (Mayntz, 2014). “When a family is nuclear, the…

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