Family Structure Of The British Society Essay

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Traditionally, family may be defined as a group of people linked directly by blood relations, wherein the adults take responsibility for their young ones (Giddens, 2001, p.433). However, there has been no legitimate agreement on an exact definition. What is clearer is the definition of family structure. Family structure (what a family consists of) is an integral variable in the constitution of a society. The British society specifically, has been witness to a variety of family structures that have resulted from changes and trends that have occurred in the economy, the political policies and other such disciplines of social sciences. Hence, an interdisciplinary approach must be employed to fully evaluate why, when and how these repercussions occurred. This paper will elaborate on these changes starting from 70 years ago as for over two decades following the Second World War; the concept of the traditional family was challenged continuously. This occurred due to three major causes that were a) workforce becoming increasingly feminised post the war, b) advancement in contraception methods leading to a radical shift in decisions about starting families and c) increase in acceptability of divorce and cohabitation (Jenkins et al., 2008, p.5). This paper will focus on the third cause; thereby expanding on how Giddens’ definition of a traditional family has been challenged over time, using evidence from economic, political and sociology-based resources.

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