Family Structure Of Family Structures Essay

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Family structures vary all over the world; from the traditional nuclear family, to single-parent, adoptive, grandparent as a parent, and same sex families. Although other family structures can work, there is only one family structure that stands out as the healthiest. Families that have financial stability, good role models, consistency, respect, and spend quality time together are the best and healthiest kind of families. Those qualities explain the nuclear family, thus making it the most prestigious family structure. Families function the best when there is a biological mother and father present. Not only are they present, but when they love each other as well. When a family is complete with a mother and father, there are more pros than cons. There is stability in role models. Children get to see the male and female views, reactions, and qualities. This experience can teach children how to deal with different situations and people when they come about them in their own lives. Children who are raised by a homosexual couple miss out on a learning experience of male and female views. Children who are raised in a single-parent family also miss out on this learning experience due to the fact that only the mother or father is present in that particular situation.
Missing out on a learning experience is not the only down fall to not having a mother and father. Being in a household where there are homosexual parents or even just one parent can be extremely confusing and/or…

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