Family Life Cycle Position Paper

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The Family Life Cycle

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The dynamics of the “Family Life Cycle” are forever changing due to environmental factors around us. We live in a country that has legalized same sex marriages and the media glorifies a dysfunctional government. So this leads us to the “Nature vs. Nurture” debate. The “Nature vs. Nurture” dispute has been around for years. The issue is trying to determine which factors have the greatest influence on human behavior. Environmental factors such as: English as a second language, poverty, divorce, neglect and abuse may have an effect on a shaping a child’s behavior. All the above factors can adversely affect the stages in the family life cycle. The stages in the family life
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3. Families with young children
-Emotional process adding new members to the union
-2nd order changes is when the couple make changes for children, share household duties, realign all relationships taking in account the children
This stage is when the young couple welcomes their children but change or adds relationship that would be beneficial for the children. 4. Families with adolescents
-Emotional process is when the parents of teenagers become flexible in family rules and boundaries to foster independence and grandparents’ infirmities.
-2nd order change occurs when the parent allow the adolescent to move freely (with boundaries) in the system, refocus of life and careers, caring for their parents, and a realignment with community and macro system.
This is the stage where families deal with life changing events. I believe that if they aren’t able to adjust or cope with stressors that are present it can cause a break down in the family life cycle or changes in how they move through the remaining stage in the life cycle. 5. Launching children and moving on at midlife
-Emotional process is accepting a multitude of exist form and entries into the system.
-2nd order changes occur when the couple reevaluates their relationship, a new relationship form between parents and their adult children. Also, this stage occurs when parent start dealing with sickness, disease and even the death or their parents (children’s grandparents).
This stage brings

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