Family Health Assessment Gcu Nrs 429 Essay

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Analyzing a Family Health Assessment
Frizzle D Jackson
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429 V
June 26, 2010

Analyzing a Family Health Assessment A family health assessment is a process by which a nurse evaluates and describes the health status of a given family. It is a framework that helps to identify areas of potential risk for illness, opportunities for health education and actions needed to address these (World Health Organization, 2001). Specifics covered in a nurse led family assessment will include family history, perceptions about health, reports, health records, and any clinic test results. The nurse conducts an interview, compiles data and performs an appropriate
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Self-Perception-Self -Concept Pattern: The Johnson family shares a positive outlook on life. While some members are under-employed, they have made the decision to better themselves with additional educational opportunities. They discuss the general stress related to decreased income and that of the slow economy but feel strongly that they are “doing just fine”. All members again restate they feel well and look healthy (Johnson family, personal communication, June 24, 2012).
Roles-Relationships Pattern: The family relationship of the Johnsons is one in which all family members participate in open discussions. Opinions from family members are solicited and differing views are considered. They attempt to solve family problems with all members contributing ideas and possible solutions. Making sure all family members are informed of family news is a high priority. These family members have well established roles and responsibilities and offer mutual respect to one another (Johnson family, personal communication, June 24, 2012).
Sexuality-Reproductive Pattern: The interview with the Johnson family became uncomfortable at this point. Sexuality is not discussed with as much openness as other family topics are. Husband and wife report having a mutually respectful relationship.

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