Family Health Assessment Case Study

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Family Health Assessment and
Wellness and Family Nursing Diagnosis
Maylen Rodriguez
Grand Canyon University
NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotion
September 28, 2014

Family Health Assessment and
Wellness and Family Nursing Diagnosis When interviewing a family to assessed their health from a holistic perspective, nurses should consider Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns which are: Values and health perception, Nutrition, Sleep and Rest, Elimination, Activity and Exercise, Cognitive, Sensory-Perception, Self-Perception, Role Relationship, Sexuality, and Coping. This essay will discuss, the importance of each pattern in order to give a wellness and family nursing diagnosis. Edelman mentioned in the text book
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When the philosophy of health fitness was questioned, many excuses were form by the adults. The family activity level is semi-sedentary, relaxing and nap times during the day are important part of their daily routine, and according to the father “is not enough hours in the day to exercise” (personal communication). In the order hand, the kids are active, they engage sport activities and they do not spend more than two hours a day watching television or playing video games. According to Edelman is important to assess activity and exercise because “Families create settings for individual member to be physically active, sedentary, or apathetic toward physical activity” (Edelman, 2014 p-156). This family needs to acquire an exercise regimen, such as jogging or walking every afternoon. Relaxing time was discussed and the family watches two hours of television a day which can be split into one hour to exercise and the other hour to watch their favorite television show. The entire family understood how important staying active is, for the health of the body and …show more content…
Surprisingly to this traditional, religious family; sex, sexual transmitted disease, teen-pregnancy, birth-control and sexual preference is discussed with an opened mind. To Gordon’s sexuality pattern assessment as mentions by Edelman in the text book Health promotion Throughout the Life Span “The sexuality-reproductive pattern addresses transmission of information within the family about sexuality as well as sexuality for the couple, including their sexual relationship, perception of problems, manners in which problems are handled, and actions taken to solve the problems” (Edelman, 2014 p-164). Love is a commitment, as well as the care an obligation for one toward another. The parents view marriage as a sample to follow in order to maintain a healthy, family oriented

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