Family Emotional Systems Theory And Structural Family Theory Essay

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Throughout the Walsh text, several theories of social work practice are identified and explained. I will compare and contrast Family Emotional Systems Theory and Structural Family Theory. This paper will discuss the main concepts of each theory. How the theories would be utilized within different individuals and issues that may be presented as a social worker. The usefulness of each of the two theories in regards to social work practice, concentrating on a micro practice perspective.
Keywords: Family Emotional Systems Theory, Structural Family Theory
Family Emotional Systems Theory & Structural Family Theory
Family Emotional Systems Theory
“The family systems theory sometimes known as family emotional systems theory is unique in its attention to multigenerational family processes and also in its prescriptions for working with individual clients in a family context (Bowen, 1978; Kerr & Bowen, 1988)”. The creator of the family emotional systems theory was Dr. Murray Bowen. During World War II, Dr. Bowen was a United States Army physician who became interested in psychiatry after witnessing the variance effects the war was taken on the enlisted soldiers. Dr. Bowen became a psychiatrist by training in psychodynamic theory with the influence of general system theory.
Dr. Bowen originally begin his training in Freud’s psychoanalysis, but departed from this theory as he began to view human difficulties thus creating the family emotional systems theory consists of eight…

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