Family Communication : How Well Does Your Family Communicate?

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Family Communication
How well does your family communicate? Family-whether of origin or procreated, communication is inevitable. The following depicts theories and aspects that I learned in Family Communication instructed by Dr. Shelley.
Learning Aspects
Important. The most important information that I learned was that a family system may take years to evolve and “gain similarity in interpreting and responding to each other’s behaviors” (Shelley). Moreover, I learned that it will take a lot of time for my ex-husband and I to learn how to effectively communicate with and treat one another. Hopefully, both of us have the patience and can commit to improving our relationship towards one another.
Surprising. The most surprising thing that I learned was that “ADAPTABILITY and COHESION are central to the development of such connected relationships” (Sec. 3 Family Intimacy and Commitment). Noting that a family’s adaptability refers how adaptable the unit is based on the family’s openness of boundaries and flexibility of hierarchies, within the family (Shelley). For example, my husband’s brother, his wife and their two kids, moved in with us for a few months. At the time, my step-son lived with us and we had two sons together, so we had a full-house. However, both families collaborated cohesively, working quite well together. The interrelation of both families provided stronger relationships and family bonds that are unforgettable.
Learning. The most useful thing that I have…

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