Essay on Family And The Criminal Justice System

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The issue of family violence is that it connects to certain types of misconduct in the family violence.

With that being said, a few aspects are abuse, mistreatment or neglect that adults or children’s may

experience in their intimate, family or dependent relationships. The definition of family violence is when

violence continues to evolve as the nature and extent in the family. Moreover, family violence impacts the

family and the criminal justice system because when a family sees violence it affects their brain and the

condition of the lifestyle they live in. As the members of the family grow older, they begin to emotional,

behavioural and developmental problems in life. It can play a role in determining the best interests of the

child for the purposes of custody and access or parenting arrangements in family law matters. As well as, it

can be critical in assessing whether a child is in need of protection under the child protection or child

welfare system. Not only that, it can be grounds for the issuance of civil or criminal protection orders; and,

it can be a factor leading to the arrest as well as the potential detention and conviction of the alleged

offender in the criminal justice system. Furthermore, ensuring adequate access to justice for families

simultaneously navigating these various branches of the justice system requires concerted effort on the part

of justice system professionals. Also, those working within these systems to provide a…

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