Family And Media Play Pivotal Roles Essay

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Throughout history, society has been exposed to various agents of socialization that assist in developing the beliefs, attitudes, values and behavior of its citizens (Symbaluk and Bereska 76). Agents such as family and media have played vital roles in shaping people of today’s society and have created a world where life without these influences is virtually unimaginable. The influential aspects of family are exposed to a child as soon as they enter the world and continue throughout the span of their life. As they grow older, they are exposed to the effects of media and together these two social agents mold the child into whom they will become. Although both aspects of family and media play pivotal roles in shaping a child, family plays a greater role by being the first source of influence and remaining constant throughout the development of a child into an adult. Initially from a functionalist point of view, when a child is born they have complete reliance on their family for support and guidance (Symbaluk and Bereska 76). Their family is the first influence they encounter and it is the responsibility of a parent to teach their children the norms of society. (Symbaluk and Bereska 76) A natural obedience is developed at a young age due to the fact that children rely on their parents for every aspect of life. This obedience results in the family having great influence over the thought processes and actions of the child. Families are the primary providers and are the first…

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