Family And Friends Acceptance : A Stronger Bond Between A Marry Couple

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Family and friends acceptance creates a stronger bond between a marry couple. Keep in mind that marriage does not only affect two people. The knowledge of one’s background is essential for a lasting marriage. This is where arranged marriage comes in. Arranged marriage is a tradition that families follow for decades and in modern society it holds a bad image because it “forces” two complete strangers to share the rest of their lives together.
However, most arranged marriages are far from that, instead it is more like an “arranged introduction”. Families and friends knew the about the potential mates, this allow each partner to know about the person and rather or not they are a good fit. For example, they could have information about the other beforehand from the word of mouth. This way they know the other person’s occupation, salary, educational qualification, appearance, family background, and etc (Richa).
Often when one is dating someone, the topic of marriage can be difficult to discuss about, because the other half may not see this in their future. In the end the conversation can become extremely awkward. On the other hand, when you are “arranged” with someone, both mates have the same mindset. For example, questions regarding to the partner’s sexual history can detect if that person have some form of sexual transmitted disease. And having a blood test done, can prevent a generic problem involving future children. This can be tough to ask without offending the other…

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