Family And Fatherhood In The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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The novel The Kite Runner deals with several of the issues in life. Throughout the novel, the author Khaled Hosseini portrays living a life that includes a personal quest of the protagonist Amir. The main theme of the novel is relationships with family, friends and fatherhood. In the novel, multiple examples of various types of relationship with other characters play important parts in Amir 's development. Another main theme is redemption and personal responsibility. Amir attempts to redeem his guilt by helping Hassan 's son. Through his experiences such as immigration and atonement, Amir has learned to stand up for his own family and himself, and Amir is able to find himself by passing a “rite of passage”. Rites of passage are events marking …show more content…
During the tournament in Hassan was running the kite for Amir. However, when Amir found him, Assef was raping Hassan. Amir did not intervene and after his sin of allowing Hassan to be abused, he treated him hard even though Hassan has forgiven him. For the rest of his life, Amir’s betrayal in the past comes back to haunt him. Amir cannot forgive himself, and he is tormented by a deep sense of shame. When Rahim Kahn calls Amir in California to make Amir atone for his guilt, he states, “There is a way to be good again” (Hosseini 2003). He strives to save Hassan’s son Sohrab and thinks that helping Sohrab is the only way to redeem the sin of his childhood and he can be good again. When Amir has to confront Assef, Amir is battered cruelly. However, Amir thinks that his guilt regarding Hassan is disappeared. He says, “My body was broken - just how badly I wouldn’t find out until later - but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed” (Hosseini 2003). According to the book In Search of the Kite Runner, the author states that “By the end of the journey … layer by layer he loses the weight of guilt and finally discovers how it feels to find forgiveness” (Hayes 2007). When Amir was young, he failed to stand up for himself and his best friend. However, as an adult, Amir takes responsibility for Hassan 's life after the abuse. He can atone what he did in childhood by standing up for what is right. Amir makes efforts to redeem himself in the rescue of Hassan’s son. He is able to find himself free of his shame and move on. Amir is finally prepared to sacrifice in order to save Hassan 's

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