Essay on Families During Change Assignment II - Movie Analysis

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Families in Change Assignment II – Movie Analysis The family unit is regarded as one of the most fundamental groups in virtually any society. Families are well known to perpetuate the existence of a community in a social way through the process of social interaction and biologically through pro-creation. There are important factors that act as the bedrock of a family and they are overly crucial in the upbringing of a progeny. The family unit acts as a point of orientation that acts as a compass to children on the behaviours to emulate and which ones to avoid. There are different ways in which parents and tutors use to instill the right values and character traits in their children so that they can grow up to become responsible adults in society. Movies and television programs are known to be effective platforms through which moral lessons can be passed on from the lead actors in a telecast to the children watching from the other side of the screen. This paper will show an analytical essay that draws a critical and theoretical analysis attention on external and internal factors which are; family structure, family boundaries, systemic issues of classism and racism, and communication skills, which are important family values based on the movie watched in class. The family structure is an external factor and it differs in each of the three families. Tre’s family is somewhat complete since both parents are present in bringing up the child, as his father is a Banker and mother…

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