Familial Assessment Of My Family Heritage Essay

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Familial Assessment – Allen Family
Ashley Brister
Arizona State University

Authors’ Note
Ashley Brister, HCR 230, Arizona State University Familial Assessment-Miroballi Family This is the familial assessment of my family’s heritage. I interview Michael Scott Brister, my father. I asked him a series of questions based off the Heritage Assessment Tool. These questions were based off our family’s culture, traditions, and heritage.

Part I: Heritage Assessment

This interview was conducted using the Heritage Assessment Tool. The Heritage Assessment Tool contains of twenty-nine questions, ranging from family relations, ethnic background, religious views, traditions, and beliefs. This tool allows me to gain insight on my own family heritage and allows me to determine how consistent or inconsistent the person being interviewed is with the traditional cultural heritage. First, “heritage consistency is used to describe how much or how little a person’s lifestyle reflects his or her traditional culture. If one is very consistent with their heritage, then one maintains more of the core values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of one’s cultural heritage.” (Carteret, 2011) After reading, “Factors Indicating Heritage Consistency,” I determined that although my father has some consistencies, he is mainly inconsistent with our traditional culture heritage. Although my father’s parents were born and raised in the United States, it was a different story for his…

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