Essay on False Memories : False Memory

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In life, we always assume that our mind remembers things accurately, that our brain is reliable and will never let us down. What if this statement was completely false? Even though our brain should be able to sort the real memories from the false ones, many times we can be tricked into remembering something that we never experienced. This is called false memory. False memory is when a person is implanted with a recollection of an event that they then are confident actually happened to them. These can include remembering a word that wasn’t mentioned, remembering an event from childhood that never occurred, or even remembering traumatic experiences that would haunt someone for the rest of their life. This type of altering of the mind hasn’t been completely defined and tested, there are still many questions about it, but many tests have been done to provide the psychologists with some answers. Ways to implant false memories include using leading questions or having them imagine the false memory. These techniques are very easy and can give results. With this kind of power to alter a person’s memories, it raises some important moral questions too. Experiments that tried to implant new false memories and influence behavior have offered the world some insight into what it truly means to remember, and if we can ever truly trust our minds. (Loftus, 1997)

Elizabeth Loftus is a pioneer in the study of false memory; she has dedicated her life to learning more about this phenomenon.…

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