Fall Of The Romans Essay

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The Romans had one of the greatest empires in history. The Romans have many daily activities they do consisting of baths, chariot racing, and gladiator battles. One of the things the Romans are known for was their iconic structure including the Coliseum, Pantheon, Forum, and the Circus Maximus. 147 emperors ruled over Rome but some are the greatest are Augustus, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, and Tiberius. The Romans had a very successful army that dominated over its time of existence. They had many great achievements that helped the world become what it is today. The fall of the Romans was caused by failure from inside more than failure from outside attackers.
The ways of living in Rome differs from the poor people and the rich people. They lived
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The Romans had two different army’s called was the imperial army and the early Roman army. The mode of battle was this massive Greek phalanx under the Etruscan Kings. The soldiers were found and classified through the census that the romans had. There were five classes the romans were graded into, the first class, which were the most wealthy, were armoured heavily, they looked like a greek hoplite warriors. They had a helmet, carrying a sword and spear, round shield, greaves, and breastplate, and all of it was bronze. The lower classes had lesser weaponry and armament, the fifth class had nothing at all except a sling. The army officers and cavalry were made up of the top citizens who were equestrians. The Romans had a special technique for fighting in battle. They would approach in several columns enhancing maneuverability. The main body included cavalry, scouts, and light troops making for a strong vanguard. The vanguard was accompanied by a tribune or other officer, they surveyed the terrain. Reconnaissance and flank elements were deployed to maintain covering security. There was a second main body of heavy infantry behind the vanguard. The last region of the army provided rear force along with several raised units. They had a layout called the triple line which consisted of heavy infantry in the front, facing the enemy with flanks and infantry on the right and

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