Essay on Fall of Asclepius

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Fall of Asclepius
By Harm 1 and Icrick

Where should I begin? The apocalypse happened so fast. In less than a month, monsters infested every part of this world. People panicked, people died. They clawed at each other just to get out of all the infested areas around the world. There was problem about fleeing from infested areas. Everywhere was infested. There was no where anyone could go without encountering the walking plague.

You know that phrase "War is Hell"? Well... it's dead wrong. War at least has some organization to it. What was faced in the last days... by last days I mean the last days of civilization not life; itself. What was faced was hell. Everyone went ape shit insane. Everyone was killing and raping each
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I saw that in the end, what made us who we were, only intensified. What made us moral made us more moral. What made us evil made us more evil.

-ZESR soldier during interview, unknown time, unknown location


Entry 1:

24 hours before complete worldwide infection...

The sun peaked over the green maple tree forest line next to the road. Its rays caressed Thomas' face as he lay against the bus window. Thomas was eighteen, the oldest in his grade. He had dark blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. Thomas was not in that great of shape, but he did not have a weight problem either. He wore the standard school uniform, that being- black pants and a white shirt with the school's emblem on the left breast.

The sun's heat started to irritate Thomas' face. His eyes twitched then opened. Thomas covered his face with his right hand and stared outside. The June's wind blew in through the window causing his short hair to toss about. The sky was partially cloudy and the temperature was a nice twenty degrees Celsius. It was the perfect morning. Thomas scooch up in his seat and adjusted his headset which blared Linkin Park music. The rhythmic music allowed him to wake up more easily.

There was just one week left of school and Thomas still had no idea what he wanted to do for his career. He had excellent grades and work ethic but had no goal to work towards. He actually planned to work for a year, just to help get an idea of what he wanted to do.

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