Fairy Story: How The Tooth Fairy Got Her Job

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How the Tooth Fairy Got Her Job
Long time ago in the fairy world there were six magical fairies. But the fairies living in the fairy land did not know what their jobs were, as they were talented in their own ways. So unanimously they decided to have a contest to decide the jobs accordingly.
The six fairies were- Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Gold, Silver, and White. The first competition was for the Water Kingdom. The fairy that could dive to the deepest part of the ocean and come back with a single large pearl, that fairy would be the water fairy. The competition started and all the fairies gave their best. But the one fairy that was the fastest amongst them was the blue fairy. She was strong enough to go down deep into the ocean and
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She was amazed to see people and their large houses were they leaved. Their houses were so large that she could easily sneak into them to ‘spy’ on the people.
In the human village she saw a young girl name Alice. She was about six and half years old. She was apple of her parent’s eyes. She was very humble, never rude, and was very adorable. The white fairy was amazed when she saw her teeth. They were the most beautiful teeth she had ever seen. The teeth used to sparkle when she smiled. And this made the white fairy feel good to be alive, even if she didn’t have a job.
One day Alice saw that her tooth had become loose. She cried out loud and ran to her mother. She was very frightened and told her mom that her tooth is loose. She was scared that she was going to lose all of her tooth.
Alice couldn’t stop crying. Her mother tried to calm her down. She said to her that, the tooth is milk tooth. And they are supposed to fall off to make room for new teeth. But Alice was very nervous. And so was the white fairy, as fairies never lose their teeth.
For more few days the tooth just wobbled, but one day when she was having dinner the tooth came out. Alice was shattered as she saw her tooth. “Oh what am I going to do? I love my little teeth. They look like small pearls. Bright and
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So she will never lose them. Alice’s father gifted her little box made up of match sticks, and gave it to Alice for her tooth.
After putting the tooth in the little box she felt better. White was very curious to get a closer look of the tooth. So she waited until Alice felt asleep and look in the box for the tooth.
It was time for Alice to go to her bed. But unfortunately she put tooth box under her pillow to keep it safe. But the white fairy was very small and she could easily go under her pillow and take out the box to have a look at the beautiful white milk tooth of Alice.
The white fairy than pulled out the box. As she opened the box she was amazed to see Alice’s baby tooth. It was very shiny and was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It was more beautiful than the diamond which the brown fairy had dug from the earth and also it was more beautiful from the pearl the blue fairy pulled from the bottom of the ocean. She wanted the tooth. So she decided to take it with her.
But she felt bad for Alice so she decided to keep something in place of the tooth. So she dipped into her fairy bank and she took out a gold coin to replace it with Alice’s

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