Failures At Success : Failure For Success Essay

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Failures at Success
The reason students don’t do well in school is because the system has set them up for failure. With the implementation of programs to reinvigorate the education system, the use of standards has popped up in a much more prominent role in schools. Unfortunately, a lack of communication between those who created them, the federal government, and those that must implement them, the states, has created an environment in which student achievement levels are low. The demand for students to meet federal and local educational criteria has changed the formative years of today’s youth from a time of learning and growth into years of unequal and incomplete education. One could argue that the only ones at fault are those who interact with students every time they step into a classroom, their teachers. While they do play a role, they are only one of many factors that contribute to the problem overall. If each part of the system is doing what it is supposed to but student achievement does not reflect the effort put in then it must be acknowledged that the system itself is not working.
It is widely known that the public education system has been experiencing a decline in student achievement in recent years. Unfortunately this is not a new trend. While many credit 2001 and the implementation of the No Child Left Behind law (NCLB) by the Bush administration as the start of American decline this is not true. The NCLB is merely one of the newest in a long line of programs…

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