Fahrenheit 451 Society Quotes

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Ray bradbury say many things in the book that shows us that he is warning us that this could happen to our society in the future. We could be living in a a dead society. A dead society is the lack of knowledge. It could leave people being emotionless and thoughtless. Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 shows that those who lack knowledge leads to a dead society. As shows through the contrast between Clarisse and Mildred.
Clarisse McClellan is different from everyone else ; she does not follow the rules of society.”Is it true that long ago firemen put fires out instead of going to start them?”(Bradbury 6). Clarisse knows, in today's society, that fires are created today to destroy books. She has the information about fires being put out
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“Millie, does—" He licked his lips. "Does your ‘family’ love you, love you very much, love you with all their heart and soul, Millie?"(Bradbury 73 ). Mildred has an obsession with her virtual family that she watched on things called Polaroids. She thinks they are real because you can physically see them. Mildred follows society's rules so, she does not have any knowledge. She lets technology run her life which is leaving her thoughtless. Giving the thought that mildred is emotionally dead, she tries to kill herself, then does not remember a thing.
Maybe you took two pills and forgot and took two more, and forgot again and took two more, and were so dopey you kept right on until you had thirty or forty of them in you(Bradbury 17).
When montag does home he finds his wife, that overdosed on sleeping pills. He then calls the paramedics. They explained to him that they have many people a night that attempts suicide. Mildred did this because hehe is not happy with the life she is living. Even if she could not remember what happened when montag hella her she shows no emotion on that happened the following night. Mildred lets technology run her life to the point where she tries to kill herself. Showing no regret or

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