Fahrenheit 451 Essay Questions

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Are you happy? This is the question that Clarisse ask Guy Montag in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In his story technology has taken over and books are illegal. Montag’s job for ten years has been to burn books and not ask questions. However by meeting Clarisse, an insightful girl who reads books, he is waken up and starts on his journey of enlightenment.Throughout this story there are symbols that directly relate to life today. These include the Phoenix which represents cycles and being re born, the mechanical hound who represents the voice of society, technology which represents addictions, and books who represents people's stories and what they leave in the earth when they die.

“It was a pleasure to burn. It's was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed.” (Pg 3). In Fahrenheit 451 this is the start of the book and where Montag grows from. In the beginning Montag is mostly like everyone else. On page 23 Clarisse asks why Montag is a firemen. She says that he is different. Then on page 141 Montag is starting to rethink his life “one of them had to stop burning. The sun wouldn't, certainly. So it looked as if it had to be
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This is the exact question that Mrs. Blake ask herself when the fire men come to her house and try to burn her books on page 39. In Fahrenheit 451 this is a huge turning point for Montag because he reads his first book. Then later on page 152 Granger says that everyone ha memorized books because they are books. Their stories are books and it's time for their books to become more interesting. Their books are the things that they are remembered for. Montag during this part relishes that he is apart of something bigger, something that will change the world. On page 3 when Montag says that it is a pleasure to see things blackened and changed he is talking about himself and roaring from his own ashes. His new life is carrying on the stories of the past

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