Fahrenheit 451 By William Bradbury Essay

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Bradbury’s dystopian novel of Fahrenheit 451 envisions a bleak future where the pastime of reading has all but vaporized. The government of that world censors and destroys anything that may compromise the blissful ignorance of society. The society of that world values cheap pleasantries and turns down what other aspects of life offers, and thus perform a self-censorship to keep themselves content. Through the firemen (which in, all of reality, are rarely utilized) enforce this dogma by burning books of those who dissent from the mass belief. There is no specific reason that books are burned outright; the shady descriptions of aging intellectuals and fire chiefs with rhetoric prowess offer little insight to the reason why books are forbidden objects. Fahrenheit 451 presents a theme of censorship and hedonism in a dismal future society that does not read.
During the events of “The Hearth and the Salamander,” the society of Bradbury’s novel, through a sentinel of book destruction named Montag. He perfectly represents the society of Fahrenheit 451 in the sense “it is a pleasure to burn [books]” (Bradbury, 1) not caring or questioning why he burns books. He walks down the street to his home with utmost blithe, a habit that is interrupted by a strange girl named Clarisse. Clarisse represents a strange (and dangerous) oddity in the future society. She seems to question everything and sees nature in ways most people don’t even bother to comprehend. While it is unknown as if she…

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