Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay

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In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the government overwhelms the members of the dystopian society in order to keep peace and order through a slew of distracting technology to keep the citizens constantly satiated. They are given no chance to think and formulate their own thoughts, but only utilize the tools around them for entertainment and as a means of amusing guests during social events. As a result, much of society willingly turns a blind eye to the actions of their government, as they do not perceive a problem with the way they live. One elite class in the society, the book-readers, are much more aware of the world around them. They sense the problems that exist as they have more experience with thinking and are no longer distracted by the entertainment given by the government through technology. They can focus on nature, other people, and themselves since they are not attached to parlor walls and seashells. In the novel, Ray Bradbury shows book-readers to be more in touch with their physical and natural surroundings, as they are not constantly distracted by technology in society; Bradbury represents them in this way to portray the destructive influence of technological improvements on American society.
Ray Bradbury saw many major issues with his world as technology advanced and people adapted to new inventions. He noticed that many processes became expedited as information was exchanged quicker and transportation was faster. One quality the book-readers possess through…

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