Analysis Of 180 On Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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through unproductive TV show and radio programs. As Sam Weller suggests in his article “Ray Bradbury’s 180 on Fahrenheit 451” voicing Bradbury’ vision “Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury said, was a depiction of a society willfully dumbing itself down by staring at screens, stuffing its collective consciousness with useless factoids, empty ideas and throwaway reality”.
Moreover, the various minority groups also contributed to the banning of books. As a very diverse society, America is filled with many minority groups some are based on religion, ethnicity, etc. therefore in order to prevent any arguments arising from this issue, the government in Montag’s city created TV series which “are not meant to represent any actual painters, cartographers, mechanics anywhere” (Bradbury 55). Consequently, over time the diversity thoughts and opinions in disappeared from society, and the different ideas promoted in the books has become rejected by the population. Robin Anne, Reid confirms the idea that in Fahrenheit 451, the government is not the only cause of this type of life. The population in their demand of positive image, happiness, and simplicity allows the government to ban anything complex or difficult like books. The state of the people in the city enraged Montag, as the people allow themselves to live in
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The humiliation and unfairness of the situation makes Montag burst with anger to the point that he burns Beatty alive. Montag’s killing of Beatty depicts his anger against a tyrannical system that wants to suppress him as human being and requires him to live in a make-believe world like a robot who do not think or feel, controlled by those who have power over him. In killing Beatty Montag tries to destroy the system and break free of its controlling routine that strive to devoid humans of any means of creativity or think for

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