Essay about Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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In 1953, author, Ray Bradbury, wrote the novel Fahrenheit 451. At this time, novelties taken for granted today, such as cell phones and the internet, had yet to be invented. Astonishingly, Bradbury wrote about a world in which technology was the focal point of daily life, and reading books was illegal. The novel highlighted this ignorance of its society due to their reliance on media for all knowledge and information. Although there is a significant gap in the amount of time passed since the book was originally written until society in 2015, the central themes and ideas of the media consuming life, technology becoming a focal point in the education system, as well as social aspects of life changing due to the widespread acceptance of technology conveyed by Bradbury are relevant to society today.

Books are not illegal in society today; however, media manages to obtain much of the focus of current society. In the novel, Mildred Montag, wife of the main character Guy Montag, epitomizes the way each person in the society depicted is supposed to act based on the overwhelming amount of media in each person’s life. Mildred was so dedicated to watching television whenever possible that she subscribed to receive a script of the afternoon soap opera. The creators of the show “write the script with one part missing” (p. 17), allowing Mildred feel as if she is part of the show. She also felt so attached to the soap opera that she reffered to the actors as her “family.” In…

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